Yoga Instructor, Helen Cooper

Registered yoga teacher in the comfort of your own home. For suppleness, toning, strengthening, relaxation, general health and wellbeing. 

Originally seen in the Western world as an aid to fitness and flexibility, yoga is steadily becoming recognised for much deeper benefits such as toning, strengthening, relaxation, mindfulness / meditation, and a proactive method to finding a clearer, calmer mind. Whatever the reasons behind your curiosity, the physical and mental benefits of a regular practice can be extremely rewarding.

Having travelled to Cape Cod, Massachusetts to complete a Yoga Alliance certification, I have since shared my passion for yoga with a fascinating range of students including men, women, young, old, near and far – everything from 1:1 sessions, hot studio classes, outdoor fun with families, energised power yoga or calmer, slower stretches to soothe aching muscles and tired joints. Yoga really does have something for everyone.

​You don’t need to be flexible to practise yoga … but you are definitely only one class away from a very, very good mood!

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Please contact me on
07740 823 230