Tracie Harris Living


  • Clinical Hypnotherapist – NLP & CBT.
  • Help with anxiety or other issues.
  • Hypnoslimmer experience.
  • Content free hypnotherapy.

Hi, I’m Tracie Harris. I have been working in the Health and Wellbeing industry for the last thirty years. Since 2006 I have been helping people as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and using NLP and CBT.

I work with Content Free Hypnotherapy which is a great way forward for clients to feel comfortable as they do not have to tell me their issues or work back through them.
I can facilitate you to work through them with your subconscious mind and release them and it is very effective. 

I help people that are struggling with issues relating to stress, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, low self-esteem, menopause, weight loss, confidence, public speaking, exam nerves, major life changes and more.

If you’re finding something is overwhelming you and it is now affecting your life, contact me for a free consultation, let me help you make a change to move you forward to enjoy your life.

07957 421739