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  • Cataract Treatment.
  • Laser Eye Surgery.
  • Glaucoma Care.
  • Myopia Control.

Our mission is to provide independent, high quality and professional surgical care when you need and want it, at affordable prices.

Did you know…

Most people have better eyesight after cataract surgery then they ever did before!
Cataract surgery is the most successful operation in medicine today. When performing cataract surgery, we return your natural vision and correct your prescription. Your distance glasses will be just a distant memory! With your
new vision you will be able to see the world in a brand-new light. In fact, surgery is actually safer than living with cataracts.

It only takes 27 seconds to ditch your glasses! – “put SMILE on your face”.
With the ‘SMILE’ eye laser the freedom you always wanted to; swim in the sea, ski, hike or simply to see your loved ones in the morning without glasses is only seconds away. You will be surprised how safe and easy the procedure is! Experience life without having to grab your glasses or contacts first. Give us a call for your FREE pre-scan

You CAN turn back time … with PRESBYOND!
You can say NO to varifocal glasses. Presbyond laser vision correction will give you natural vision for distance as well as near – so no more reading glasses either! With PRESBYOND you could be free from glasses after just 20 minutes per eye. This advanced technology corrects your sight so that you achieve distance, intermediate and short distances unlike traditional mono-vision techniques. Turn back time and stop with the ‘on off on off’ of your current glasses!

Short-sightedness is on the rise!
Because so much of modern life is lived indoors our eyes are not exposed to natural distributions of light. This leads to the eye growing too long and this causes short-sightedness, also known as myopia. The use of Atropine 0.01% eye drops vastly slows down the progression of myopia in children. All of our myopia control procedures are safe and non-intrusive making it easy for the child and family. 

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